The skin is the organ in which many body disorders are reflected both in aggression or external stimuli that impact directly on it, as endogenous factors. Maintaining a normal skin means that the skin is shown in full, with good blood supply, uniform pink coloration and transparency, that is, what is called Eudermia. However, this skin condition can be considerably altered.

Exposure to the external environment influences the state of our skin:

Exposure to UV light, causing an oxidation of body tissues.

The consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

The humidity and temperature of the external environment. The cold and dryness leads to constriction of blood vessels to prevent heat loss and also reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands, causing increased skin dryness.

The use of personal care and hygiene make the natural mechanism of alkaline neutralizing our skin overcharging.

If the corresponding stimulus is more durable, endogenous defense mechanisms are saturated and skin reacts sensitively, being more likely to cause skin disorders.

Among the latter, we can mention deficiency of some essential nutrients, such as vitamins or essential fatty acids, and even dysfunction of the immune system as a result of a genetic predisposition. Biological aging is also determined genetically reduced ability to cell regeneration of skin, connective tissue hardening, degeneration of elastic fibers, etc.

Stress is another endogenous trigger that is caused by external factors and also very difficult to control.

The symptoms noticed on our skin to an imbalance are numerous but, in general, we can mention, irritation, itching, swelling, itching and flaking as the most relevant.

We should try to avoid as far as possible the factors that can cause such symptoms, but this is something really complicated, so we should use supplements that can help keep our skin in normal conditions. Alyvium® is an alternative that can help.


Balance in your skin

Alyvium® is a natural product, clinically tested, which contains an studied and optimized combination of polyphenols and olive flavonoids, with an important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, demonstrated in numerous scientific studies. A natural alternative that helps to mitigate the symptoms in the skin as a result of disorders of the immune system.