What does Alyvium® contain, and what is it recommended for?

Alyvium® is a dietary supplement with a combination of ingredients, which according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) are recommended for the normal function of the immune system and to the maintenance of normal skin.

Moreover, Alyvium® contains natural extra virgin olive oil polyphenols, recommended by EFSA to protect lipids in blood from oxidative damage.

Polyphenols are natural bioactive compounds, naturally present in fruit, vegetables and other plants which are known by their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity, among others.

Alyvium® is not a product to cure or prevent any disease. It is a dietary supplement that contributes to relief the symptoms of skin disorders.

When will I notice the results of Alyvium®?

Skin disorders related to irritation caused by malfunctioning of the immune system are of different type. Not all dietary supplements or changes in diet will give the same outcome in every person. The intensity of the skin alteration or symptom and the area of the body affected is different for each person. Alyvium® is especially indicated for mild to moderate symptoms. As it happens for any kind of food, ingredient or active ingredient which is taken daily and in a continuous way, it is recommended to spend a rest period of reasonable time after several months of intake.The daily recommended dose is 2 capsules daily, taken with food at any time of the day. Due to the variability of symptoms from one person to another, each person must follow a dose scheme adapted to his/her condition and response, without exceeding the dose mentioned above.

Drug interactions may exist?

Alyvium® ingredients are present in our daily diet food, but most of the time they cannot be normally taken at the recommended dose.

Due to olive polyphenols anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic activity, it is recommended to consult with a doctor if you are under antiplatelet aggregation treatment or those with haemophilia.

Can children consume alyvium?

Our recommendation about the product and dose is for adults (above 18). We do not recommend the product for children. A doctor must be consulted.

Is it a vegetarian product?

Absolutely, neither the ingredients nor the formula are of animal origin which means they are suitable for vegetarian diets.

Does it contain dairy products, lactose, wheat, gluten or yeasts?

It does not contain any of the products mentioned above, and it is suitable for gluten free diets. Alyvium® must not cause any type of allergy.