The stress

The skin and the nervous system are closely linked. Psychological stress makes the body release known as neurotransmitters, which affect various body organs, including the skin and cause cascading effects that make the skin barrier function becomes less impermeable, with a slight acceleration of the rate of skin renewal. In turn, the skin becomes prone to swell and, being weakened immune system, it can not respond optimally to inflammation.

In addition, proper skin problems cause stress, since the skin plays an important role in interpersonal communication. Visible lesions, especially in the hands and face, can damage the self-esteem and lead to anxiety and even depression. When the lesions are visible in areas of skin that the sufferer feels uncomfortable, this makes it difficult to relate to and interacting with the patient because it gives curiosity and even in some cases doubts about the possibility of contagion.


Balance in your skin

Alyvium® is a natural product, clinically tested, which contains an studied and optimized combination of polyphenols and olive flavonoids, with an important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, demonstrated in numerous scientific studies. A natural alternative that helps to mitigate the symptoms in the skin as a result of disorders of the immune system.